Valery Malashko appointed Belarus' Healthcare Minister


Valery Malashko appointed Belarus' Healthcare Minister

Alexander Lukashenko has appointed Valery Malashko as the Minister of Health. The head of state noted that not long ago Valery Malashko was appointed the Labor and Social Security Minister.

The President noted that there were a lot of candidates for the post of the Minister of Health. 

Nevertheless, he had made this decision given the high authority of Valery Malashko.

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus:
I cannot say that the post of the Labor Minister is non-essential in Belarus. Nevertheless, let us be frank, the Healthcare Minister is the most important position in any country, as it means the health of the nation or our people. I had to make the choice: whether to keep things as they were or admit that Valery Malashko was more needed as the Healthcare Minister.