Belarus President makes new appointments


Belarus President makes new appointments

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has approved the appointment of a number of first deputies and deputy ministers on January 27. The President also appointed a number of heads of district executive committees and regional administrations. 

Common tasks set for new officials are work with people, high demands of discipline, invigoration of the operation of state companies and infrastructure development.

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus:
I am especially very grateful for your work on these challenging positions. Nowadays, the time is not very easy, especially in our brains and our minds. We exaggerate some of the processes and call them crises, and so on. The situation is not easy for everybody, it is not easy for you because you are face to face with people. Therefore, I am very grateful to you and beg you to be careful, cautious and honest.

I understand that people occupying such positions are not the richest people even in our country. Therefore, we are now doing our best to optimize agencies and reduce the number of personnel. You should not be afraid of it. At the same time, we should, and first of all you should improve administrative discipline. You have big authorities even within the framework of the existing legal acts. You have rights and powers. We need to strengthen power in terms of legislation. It is necessitated by the serious personnel reduction in the state apparatus. We don't want red tape. You can write two or three points and not spend much time on meetings. You see some problems, so just list them. If the executive committee makes a decision, it must be fulfilled by everyone in accordance with the law.