Official visit of Serbian Prime Minister to Minsk continues


Official visit of Serbian Prime Minister to Minsk continues

Belarus is ready to increase the supply of equipment to Serbia, the Belarusian Prime Minister pointed out after meeting with Alexander Vucic. The Belarusian government and the parliament discussed trade and economic relations between Minsk and Belgrade.

The parties signed a roadmap of bilateral cooperation for two years, which includes about 50 events. They will help to enhance cooperation in agriculture, science and technology.

Aleksandar Vucic, chairman of the Government of the Republic of Serbia:
We signed several agreements that are only the foundation for promotion of our cooperation. Among the agreements concluded are those concerning military-technical cooperation, cooperation in healthcare, sport, tourism as well as interaction between our cities.

The official visit of Alexander Vucic continues today on January 27. Thus, the Serbian head of government is to visit the Church of all Saints and attend the opening of a shopping mall and a business center in the multifunctional complex Mayak Minska. It is one of the major joint investment projects of Belarus and Serbia.