Full-fledged e-government to be set up in Belarus


Full-fledged e-government to be set up in Belarus

The mechanism of e-government still needs to be improved in Belarus. The Council of Ministers discussed the prospects concerning the development of digital economy and the information society.

Belarus Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov drew attention to the insufficient use of modern technologies by experts in different fields. The volume of the mails transmitted in digital form is less than half the total number of documents now. In regions outside of Minsk, this figure is even less than 30%.

Andrei Kobyakov, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The digital transformation of the economy, or informatization, is one of the most important constituents in the growth of our economy’s competitiveness. The interim results of our work in informatization have been highly appreciated by the world community. Taking into account the development of information and communication technologies, our country ranks 31th out of 175 countries having improved its position by five points. And I would like to emphasize that Belarus ranks 1st among the CIS countries.

Generally, the program of socio-economic development of Belarus in informatization aims at handling 12 key issues. Among them is the establishment of full-fledged e-government. All the facilities and administrative services must be in electronic form.

By this time, paper prescriptions in hospitals must be replaced by digital counterparts. The health centers of the Belarus capital Minsk already have them. Gradually, other regions will join the program. It is expected that full informatization of health centers will be completed by 2020.