Healthcare Ministry of Belarus to strengthen drug quality control

Healthcare Ministry of Belarus to strengthen drug quality control

At the annual sum-up meeting, Belarusian medics received a task from the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus to reduce deaths from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Vasily Zharko pointed out that according to statistics 54% of the deaths are caused by heart diseases.

In the future it’s necessary to carry out a maintenance inspection of literally every Belarusian. Also, the Vice-Premier pointed out that medical science is actively developing today.

Vasily Zharko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
New methods of treatment in cardiac surgery, cardiology, new approaches to the treatment in oncology appear. We develop individual medical products together with other enterprises.

The Deputy Prime Minister also commented on the recent cases of anaphylactic shock after the injections of Ceftriaxone. Now the usage of these series of antibiotics in Belarus has been suspended. However, these cases are likely not related to the quality of medicines.

Vasily Zharko:
Last year there were 254 allergic reactions. And we didn’t talk about that. In Belarus, more than 5 million ampules of Ceftriaxone are used, the same number is exported. Now we are testing the antibiotics to understand the reason of such reactions. But I want to say again that an allergic reaction is the individual response of the body.

Individual allergic reactions to antibiotics have always occurred. Recent cases may be connected with a high proportion of the above-mentioned drug in the general use of antibiotics. Meanwhile, the Healthcare Ministry promised to strengthen the control over the circulation of medicines.

Dmitry Pinevich, First Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus:
The drugs are subjected to constant quality dual control: input and output. We are tightening this control up to sort out and exclude further issues.