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Belarus prefers Latvian ports to Russian for transit

Cargo traffic through Belarus in the direction of Latvia increased in 2016. This fact was confirmed by the Ministry of Transport of Belarus on the 25th of January. First of all it concerns Russian goods which are transported by rail.

Meanwhile, Belarus intends to continue active cooperation with Latvian ports for exporting Belarusian goods.

The Republic of Belarus transports through this port about 8 million tons of oil per year. The Latvian port is still a more promising option than supplies via Russia, even despite a 25-percent discount on the transportation of Belarusian oil products using Russian Railways.

Anatoly Sivak, Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus:
This discount doesn’t allow talking seriously about the competition between the ports of St. Petersburg and the Latvian ports. Nevertheless, the issue of discounts is always on the agenda because freight is typically transported via the cheapest route.

Uldis Augulis, Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Latvia:
We need to work on making the cooperation mutually beneficial. The growth of cargo transportation is quite large. Belarus and Latvia are working together on the transport corridor for transit cargo from Asia.

The meeting of the Belarusian-Latvian intergovernmental commission for cooperation in economy and science took place in Minsk on the 25th of January. The sides discussed cooperation in transport and logistics, construction, health care, education, and other areas.

Belarus actively cooperates with Latvian ports