New Brest city logo: professionals against amateurs

New Brest city logo: professionals against amateurs

Preparations for the Brest city’s millennium are currently underway.

A new bus station, a puppet theater and many other large-scale projects were promised to be built in the regional center for the anniversary.

It’s impossible to imagine the city without the Brest Fortress, the railway station, a bison or a traditional coat of arms. How to represent the city?

Both professionals and amateurs joined the development of the main anniversary symbols.

Svetlana Semashko, head of the culture department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs of the Brest City Executive Committee:
The ideas are different. Someone presents monumental constructions of our Brest Fortress. Someone presents only modern facilities. Someone shows their favorite places and streets.

Anna Redko is a designer and illustrator. She was thinking about the idea of ​​a logo of Brest during 2016. Also, she needed a month to draw the picture correctly and delightfully.

Anna is sure that early reviews are not so important. The main thing is what will remain for years.

Anna Redko, designer, illustrator:
I wanted to make the most neutral logo I could. I would like people to associate it with the city only and nothing else.

All the 23 participants have a chance to win. Anyone can vote for one of the candidates during the month.

A special committee of artists will make the final decision on the basis of the vote.