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WWII photos of Nazi occupation exhibited in Belarus' Mogilev

The Mogilev City History Museum has received a unique collection of photographs. The pictures are made by German soldiers in the period of the Nazi occupation.

They feature townspeople, streets and architecture, including churches and residential buildings, many of which haven’t survived until nowadays. The collection includes rare photos of the flood on the river Dubrovenka that claimed the lives of thousands of citizens in the summer of 1942.

Aleksei Batyukov, the director of the Mogilev City History Museum:
It’s obvious that the city has changed dramatically. We can see the streets that changed either immediately after World War II or during the war. These are the photos where we can’t recognize our city. On the other hand, there are also places that have not changed at all. And we love Mogilev for these places where the city has remained unchanged.

The photo project has become the result of several years’ work of historians and ethnographers, who eventually decided to exhibit the collection. In total, it boasts almost 400 photographs, including original pictures.

WWII photos of Nazi occupation exhibited in Belarus' Mogilev