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Alexander Lukashenko to Xi Jinping: We are proud of Belarus and China relations

This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Belarus-China diplomatic relations. On this occasion, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and President of China Xi Jinping exchanged congratulatory messages.

One of the biggest results of cooperation is the construction of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park Great Stone.

It’s already called a true gem of the economic belt of the Silk Road.

Alexander Lukashenko said in his message to the leader of China: "We are proud that Belarus and China have developed truly allied relations. We reached the unprecedented level of confidential, comprehensive, strategic partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation."

In turn, Xi Jinping emphasized: "Our political mutual trust is strong, we are providing strong support to each other on important issues relating to the interests of our countries."

Trade turnover between the two countries has increased almost 100 times over the past 25 years. Also, experts see the evolution of economic relations. Initially, it was only about trade, but today the relations are bringing both sides major investment projects.

Credit support from China is growing too.

In recent years, the number of direct investments has increased by 13 times.

Alexander Lukashenko to the leader of China: We proud of Belarus and China truly allied relations