French Anti-Doping Agency: Nothing on four Belarusian rowers


French Anti-Doping Agency: Nothing on four Belarusian rowers

The French Anti-Doping Agency says they have nothing on four Belarusian rowers. The National Olympic Committee of Belarus received the relevant message January 21.

In the spring of 2016, during preparations for the Summer Olympics in Rio, the Belarus rowing team was subjected to a search by local police in France. Then the International Federation of canoe athletes accused the Belarusians of doping. Thus the men's rowing team did not get into the Rio Olympics, at which they had been considered among the favorites.

Anatoly Kotov, General Secretary of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
Today, just after we received the notification from the French AFLD-NADO, we wrote the appropriate letter to the international sports arbitration so that this information is attached to the case of the five violations Belarus is accused of. Which are non-existent… They formed the basis of partisan and incomprehensible decisions of the International Federation of Canoe Sprint, which are inexplicable from any legal and logical point of view. I mean the decision to suspend Belarus' team from international competitions for a year.

The fact is that Belarusian rowers: the Bogdanovich brothers, Nadezhda Lepeshko, Dmitry Khilchenko and Maksim Petrov were banned from the Olympics and thus possible medals. The International Sports Arbitration Court must announce the reasons for all this on 27 January.