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China ambassador to Belarus gives exclusive interview to CTV

Diplomatic relations between Belarus and China turned 25 years. Over this time, the countries have become reliable strategic partners in various fields: from economy to education and science. They are implementing global investment projects, such as the Industrial Park "Great Stone". Credit support from China to Belarus is also growing.

Minsk and Beijing are increasing their joint trade turnover. The leaders meet regularly. Recently, China has even introduced a new term in the diplomatic lexicon - the so-called "all-weather friendship".

The Chinese ambassador to Belarus, in an exclusive interview, has told the CTV channel what unites the two countries.

I congratulate you on such a great date. A quarter of a century for diplomacy... Is it a long period?

Cui Qiming, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic to the Republic of Belarus:
It is a lot and little at the same time. I also want to congratulate you, because it is our common anniversary. We will develop friendship and society together to create a single destiny and common interests. We consider Belarusians closest friends and good friends. One might even say that Belarusians are our iron-strong friends. We always support each other in regard to the important interests of our country. Now is the best period in the history of our relations.

There is a metaphor "all-weather friendship". But much depends on personal contacts too.

Cui Qiming:
Most importantly, our leaders enjoy personal friendship and working relationship. They meet annually.

So this means that they have something to talk about, a lot of joint projects...

Cui Qiming:
Yes, they have a lot to talk about, a lot to discuss. The basis is our financial cooperation and modernization of your industry.

The book "Belarus through the eyes of Chinese diplomats" was published and it was timed to the 25th anniversary of Belarusian-Chinese diplomatic relations. If you were to write a chapter, what would you write about?

Cui Qiming:
Belarus, especially after the election of President Alexander Lukashenko, has found a long-term political stability. In addition, Belarus is a clean country. I mean both in town and the country it is very clean here. People are good-natured. Moreover, Belarus has a peaceful foreign policy.

Yes, like the policy of soft power conducted by China.

Cui Qiming:
Yes, exactly. Although we are different, we are together. You know China has such a symbol as the panda eating bamboo. You have a bison, he eats grass. And his character is soft. He is non-aggressive, he loves peace and quiet.

Do you visit parks or some other places during weekends?

Cui Qiming:
I love your nature very much and at weekends I usually rest in the country with my wife. I love to collect dandelions. This is Chinese medicine.

The Chinese New Year is approaching. Will you celebrate it in Belarus?

Cui Qiming:
Yes, I will celebrate it here. I will cook the traditional dish - dumplings - together with colleagues.

China ambassador to Belarus gives exclusive interview to CTV