Belarus President: Visa-free regime is not absence of control


Belarus President: Visa-free regime is not absence of control

The visa-free regime for citizens of 80 countries doesn’t have any risks for Belarus and neighboring countries.

On the 20th of January Alexander Lukashenko approved the decision on the protection of the state borders of the country in 2017.

This topic was earlier discussed twice at the highest level. It was affected by some external factors such as difficult international environment, increase in terrorism and illegal migration.

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus:
We've recently abolished visas for citizens of 80 countries. Foreigners can visit Belarus without a visa through National Airport Minsk and stay here up to five days.

First of all, such rules are designed to protect Belarus, our allies and our neighbors, from the emergence of some risks.

So this speculation in the media is very strange. I do not know, sometimes I read notes of authors and wonder. These are people who absolutely do not understand the essence or specially stir up the situation. Probably, they do it on purpose. The visa-free regime does not mean the abolition of control. Border control does not stop. If you have received permission to enter the country through the National Airport, then you and your passport must be definitely checked. Everything is computerized, like in Russia. It is necessary to show a passport, and a computer scans it. If there are no problems you are welcome to Belarus for five days. 

We did not break the internal legislation of Belarus. We have a sovereign right to provide people from other countries to enter and leave Belarus. Moreover, we did not break our agreement with other states.