Belarusian schools to switch to six-day week

Belarusian schools to switch to six-day week

Study at school on Saturdays will be reorganized. New forms of work such as facultative lessons, working education, and consultations with parents are provided in a new official document. This departmental order was signed by the Minister of Education of Belarus.

School education cannot stand still. Textbooks, programs, as well as approaches to learning process change.

Nevertheless, the sixth day at Belarusian schools will be reorganized. For example, problematic issues related to children's learning can be discussed directly with teachers.

Nevertheless, this is just one of the innovations. Moreover, the after-school lessons will become more and more popular. In addition, working education will be revised. 

Igor Karpenko, Minister of Education of Belarus:
It is a question of interaction between the general secondary school system and vocational education in order to be able to use colleges' capabilities for learning some skills of a profession.

In this case, this document does not provide for obligatory school attendance on Saturdays. However, in practice, students will have bonuses if they turn up.