Belarus President concludes official visit to Sudan

Belarus President concludes official visit to Sudan

Major contracts, agreements for the supply of Belarusian vehicles and the creation of assembly plants in Africa. The President of Belarus has completed official visits to Egypt and Sudan.

These two countries are neighbors on the continent. In Cairo, the two leaders discussed a roadmap for cooperation development. The sides then held the third Belarusian-Egyptian business forum. The parties agreed to deepen cooperation in industry and agriculture.

From Egypt, Alexander Lukashenko went to Sudan. During meetings at the highest level, Belarus and Sudan delegations defined a strategy for future partnerships. Emphasis was placed on the economic component. As a result, the business circles of the two countries have signed dozens of contracts.

Agreements have been reached in the field of mechanical engineering, mining and production of medicines.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Everything that we produce together with you will be sold in Africa (you have a free trade zone with African states) and in other regions. But we will share experience with your staff and workers. They will be able to do what we can do today. There comes a time when we can work together very well. And we must not let this moment go. Those who start their rise in Africa earlier than others will eventually win.