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Tourist information center opens in Brest Fortress

An interactive information center has opened in Brest Fortress. Tourists can now better orient themselves here. Moreover, you can book a tour, buy souvenirs and take a brochure.

Previously, information about the defenders of the Citadel could be obtained only in the Brest Fortress Defense Museum. 

Anna Radkovich, an organizer of tours of the Brest Hero Fortress Memorial:
If you visit Brest Fortress without a guide, you'll see everything, but will not understand anything. Therefore, it is better to visit Brest Fortress with a guide, who will tell you everything.

Gregory Bysyuk, director of the Brest Hero Fortress Memorial:
We offer tours not only in Brest fortress. If you have a desire to visit the 5th Fort Museum, tour guides are ready to assist. Moreover, guides can tell you much interesting about Brest Fortress, the 5th Fort Museum and other objects of the Brest fortified area.

Interactive information center in Brest Fortress