Economy, defense basis for Belarus-Egypt cooperation


Economy, defense basis for Belarus-Egypt cooperation

Economy and defense should be the basis for Belarus-Egypt cooperation. Alexander Lukashenko met with the Prime Minister of Egypt Sherif Ismail in Cairo January 16. The sides will form a plan for short and mid-term strategies in the near future, the Belarus head of state emphasized.

In his turn, the Egyptian Prime Minister expressed hope that the Belarus President’s visit will take relations between the two countries in economy and politics to a higher level.

As far as the specific projects are concerned, Egyptians pin hopes on close cooperation in furniture manufacturing, agriculture, sewage and irrigation water treatment. It is planned to form a working group and send it to Belarus within two weeks.

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus:
Dear Mr. Prime Minister, we had a fruitful day yesterday, indeed. Not only with the President, but also with you, with the ministers, we managed to discuss a number of topical issues as well as a number of areas of strategic cooperation for the future. As a result of the contacts between the members of our governments, we agreed to form a plan of actions in the short term, which will reflect the essence of our relations.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Prime Minister, the issues of economy and defense should be the basis of this plan. At one time, Belarus also addressed the challenges you are facing today. Among the problematic issues were food products, clothing and water. The things all the people cant live without. But, Mr. Prime Minister, I would like to emphasize it once again: Belarus’ potential in economy and other areas is considerably bigger than the needs of our country. We inherited it from that great country, the Soviet Union, in which we lived before. Belarus was the major technology center of the Soviet Union back then.

All the final stages of export production were concentrated in our country. That economy was based on the achievements of fundamental science. And we not only preserved those developments, but also brought them to a higher level we boast today. Therefore, we will definitely be able to compete in your market. But, as I said it to the President, it will be much cheaper for you to cooperate with Belarus on these issues than with any other countries, especially with western ones.