President’s Special Prize and Spiritual Revival Awards 2016: winners are revealed

President’s Special Prize and Spiritual Revival Awards 2016: winners are revealed

This week honored people of the country have received well-deserved awards. These are the award ‘For Spiritual Revival’, the Special Prize of the President to figures of culture and art as well as Belarusian Sports Olympus Awards.

Among the winners of the award ‘For Spiritual Revival’ are doctors and scientists, religious leaders and creative teams. This year’s ceremony has a truly unique composition of awardees.

He is always ready to help in word and deed. This holy place in the Grodno region is known to many people. But in fact, the picture was quite different in the monastery 10 years ago.

Abbot Yevsevy, rector of St. Eliseyevsky Lavrishevsky monastery:
At the time, there wasn’t neither the bridge nor the road. We had to travel by boats.

He restored the ancient temple almost from scratch. By the way, the abbot also discovered a natural source that became the foundation of a unique font. However, the monastery attracts pilgrims not only from neighboring Russia and Ukraine, but also from the Baltic States and even Germany.

Let’s move on to the contribution of the Federation of Trade Unions. The organisation has breathed new life into Glory Barrow. A necklace of LED lamps, lighting on the steps and the bas-relief and even amber lighting, that creates the effect of firelight.

Mikhail Orda, the head of the Federation of Trade Unions:
Today, Glory Barrow is the greatest symbol of our victory.

This national center provides hundreds of kids with help and care. Many children with disabilities make their first, albeit tentative, but such long-awaited steps.

Lyudmila Kondrashova, director of the Rehabilitation Center for Children and Youth:
We are working to ensure that every child who crosses the threshold of our center will make his dream to learn to walk come true.

Among the regular guests of the center are the students and graduates of Belarusian State Pedagogical University.

Alexander Zhuk, Rector of the educational institution Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank:
Today, we have ten operating volunteer clubs and associations with thousands of students envolved. We use traditional as well as new forms of interaction. Today, we are developing sports and environmental volunteering.

Sergei Sergachev presented his lifework - a unique book dedicated to folk architecture. It contains more than 600 publications.

Sergei Sergachev, the head of the Department of Architecture of Housing and Public Buildings of Belarusian National Technical University:
My aim was to illustrate the greatness of our national art of building. We’ve made a lot of achievements. And our current reality is imbued with the spirit of tradition.

Dozens of people were honored with the award For Spiritual Revival over 20 years. There are five winners in 2017.

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus:
We become increasingly aware that Belarus is our common home, a family for all of us. And when we consider the integration processes on the post-Soviet space and in the world, we are guided by the principle that we should be like a family. And the most important thing is that all the members of this family must be equal. Only this kind associations are able to survive, there can be no other way.

Belarus is a kind, sympathetic, freedom-loving and independent country that lives in harmony with its neighbors.

So it is today. And what it is to be in 50 years largely depends on those who are in this hall today. Our future is in the hands of those who is named a creator. The power of art is in our ability to speak not only the language of the mind, but also the language of the heart.

Summarizing the results of 2016, ten special awards were given to the winners. 

Gomel State Circus may also boast the Special Award. It is popular from Vladivostok to Brest. Over 45 years, many masters have shown performances on its arena. The circus is lucky to have such a marvellous audience.

Artur Minasov, the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation:
This fantastic Gomel audience! Every time I come there, I can’t help wondering: it is like a single organism. If you're open to it, if you are sincere,  it will show its gratitude to you a hundred times.

The artistic director of Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre can tell you a long story about the plans of the theater. The repertoire includes both classical and avant-garde prose stagings.  

Nikolai Pinigin, the artistic director of Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre:
We are the family. It’s impossible to work properly if everyone defends his own interests. That’s why we are the family.

Further three people have conquered the Belarusian sports Olympus. Among the winners are the editor of the newspaper Sports Panorama Ruslan Vasilyev and a basketball coach-instructor Alexander Shimkovyak.

Elvira Herman has managed to conquer the Belarusian sports Olympus at the age of only 19! The athlete managed to set a new record among Belarusian athletes under 20 years. She conquered the 100-metres race with barriers in as little as 13 seconds. So, Elvira added another prestigious award to her collection.

Thanks to this annual ceremony the best people of Belarus feel appreciated. And we believe it will encourage our other compatriots to make achievements for a peaceful and better future of Belarus!