Belarus President awards CTV presenter Igor Poznyak

Belarus President awards CTV presenter Igor Poznyak

The future of Belarus depends on every Belarusian's impact at work, said Alexander Lukashenko on January 13 at the official reception on the occasion of the Old New Year.

The Head of State noted that 2016 was not easy and the country had not been able to fulfill everything it aimed for.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We have been talking a lot lately about the sovereignty and independence, some see subtext in this. Since I see here the elite of our society, though not all, but 250 of the best people - civil servants, athletes, journalists and artists - let me say that I, too, often speak about the sovereignty, independence, but not because someone threatens us. No.

I just want to ensure that our people get used to it. So that they don't forget about it: that for the first time in many-many hundreds of years, the fate gave us the opportunity to create the first Belarusian state, independent and sovereign. We have done it. The country's tomorrow depends on how we work today.

At every job, you should every minute feel responsibility for the fate of our country. This is our strength and in this is our future.

In a solemn ceremony, the President traditionally presented awards. A total of 10 persons were awarded. Among the recipients are journalists, doctors, sportsmen and artists.

The list of honor includes a CTV presenter Igor Poznyak, head of information broadcasting directorate of the TV company Stolichnoe Televidenie, author and host of the program Week on the CTV channel.

He is a very experienced journalist who has visited several dozen countries. Colleagues call him a true master of interview and viewers have always loved his unique manner of presentation. He was also awarded the medal of Francysk Skaryna.

Igor Poznyak, head of information broadcasting directorate of the TV company Stolichnoe Televidenie:
A chain's strength is determined by the strength of its links. I think this award of our TV channel, our collective award should inspire every link in this long chain called the CTV Channel to create new projects. Not just news since the new year gives us new coverage opportunities.

The official reception on behalf of President on the Old New Year has become a long-standing tradition when successes of the best Belarusians in various fields are marked.