Concert in honor of 76th anniversary of Vladimir Mulyavin's birth

Concert in honor of 76th anniversary of Vladimir Mulyavin's birth

Prominent Belarusian musician Vladimir Mulyavin would turn 76 on 12 January. He was awarded the title People's Artist of the USSR and Belarus. He became a legend during the lifetime. The concert program in honor of the 76th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Mulyavin took place at the Belarusian State Philharmonic on January 12.

Many generations grew up on his songs. "Alexandrina", "Zavushnіtsy" and "Slutskіya Tkachychі" are among the most popular songs Vladimir Mulyavin is famous for.

Moreover, his folk-rock band Pesnyary is still considered a national pride and a real brand of Belarus.

Svetlana Penkina, the wife of the legendary musician, passed away in October 2016. She was the founder and director of the museum.

Now the son Valeriy Vladimirovich takes care about the inheritance and he is successful in this work. Every thing, photographs are important to him. He grew up among these things.

Valery Mulyavin:
Father always played on this piano in the Philharmonic on the morning from 5am to 6am. He did not want to wake the family, so he came to the Philharmonic and rehearsed.

This is not the first time the poet's birthday has been celebrated in the Philharmonic.

By tradition, the museum is still opened a few hours before the gala-concert. The musical heritage is at arm's length.

Oleg Molchan, a composer:
We spent together not one of his birthday. Mulyavin celebrated his birthday very discreetly, but everybody celebrated very showy.

Valery Skorozhonok, former soloist of Pesnyary band:
Alexander Mulyavin always arranged a recital on the birthday. The front of the stage was completely lined with flowers, champagne and cognac. People did respect Vladimir Mulyavin.