Snowfall on January, 11: aftermath of frosty night

Snowfall on January, 11: aftermath of frosty night

Heavy snowfalls and gusty winds came to Belarus after a strong frost.

The snowstorm paralyzed traffic in the center of Mogilev in the morning.

There are snowdrifts in Grodno too.

Dozens of accidents occurred on the roads. Many people have become the victims of the cold weather.

The services are working in emergency mode.

A driver lost control and run over a passenger car in the oncoming lane on the snow-covered road Baranovichi-Volkovysk. As a result, the passenger was injured, the driver died.

In Grodno, two people died this frosty night. More and more people with injures are visiting doctors.

Yuri Vasilchik, Acting Head of injury department of Grodno city emergency hospital:
A few patients with frostbites visited doctors. Outpatient care was provided and people were discharged and directed to the local clinics.

Not only people but also birds needed help. In Novolukoml, two swans mixed warm and cold technical reservoirs up. Freezing birds were cut out from ice by the specialists. The birds were warmed, fed and then released.

Forecasters predict heavy snowfall without strong frosts for the next five days in Belarus.