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Belarus' Foreign Ministry holds visa consultations in social networks

The news about the possibility of visa-free travel to Belarus was well received by people from the different parts of the world. The Foreign Ministry of Belarus held the first consultation in social networks.

About a million people took this opportunity.

In Grodno, the visa-free regime for foreigners was introduced in late 2016. The average amount a foreign tourist spends on gifts is about 70 euros.

Tourists usually buy craft products as souvenirs. Products made of vine and flax are the main subjects of shopping in Belarus.

Cut-glass ware and glass-ware, knitwear, alcohol and confectionery are also popular tourist souvenirs.  

Belarusian stores of the domestic producers are overcrowded especially on weekends.

People from 26 countries have already tasted Belarusian candies and chocolates.

Oleg Andreichik, the head of the Department on Sports and Tourism at the Grodno Region Executive Committee:
Today, it is important to keep track of the number of foreign tourists. We must know what is interesting to them and what segments of the tourist service should be modifed. Therefore, we are working on it.

Belarusian candies and chocolates