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Health care facilities to provide information on temporary disability of citizens to tax authorities

Health care facilities of Belarus will provide tax authorities with information on temporary disability of citizens.

This applies to people who didn’t work in 2016, because they were under medical treatment, as well as women who were followed up by a doctor during pregnancy and after childbirth.

On demand, patients can receive an extract from the medical record. This information can be also available to tax authorities, but only upon a written consent of a citizen.

The decision was taken in order to eliminate cases of unreasonable demands for payment of the fee under the decree ‘On Prevention of Social dependency’.

Yelena Bogdan, head of the main administration for healthcare under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus:
If a citizen didn’t work or worked a split year in 2015, but they reported to tax authorities the information proving that they were ill during this period, tax authorities may offer two options. The first option: tax authorities themselves make a request for the information about a citizen’s health in 2015 to the health care facilities the citizen will name. The second option: the patients themselves appeal to those health care facilities where they received medical assistance in 2015. The citizen will get an extract from medical documents, the so-called case history. And if a person has received inpatient treatment, this period will be definitely considered as a period of temporary disability.

Health care facilities provide information on temporary disability of citizens to tax authorities