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Visa-free entry to Belarus comes into force February 12, 2017

Visa-free regime of entry to Belarus comes into force on February 12, according to the Belarus Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The innovation, first of all, will be convenient for independent travelers,

including those arriving in the country without support of travel agencies.

The country is required to provide these guests with appropriate services and infrastructure. So, the month before the decree comes into force will be devoted to necessary preparations. Customs services are also getting ready for an additional stream of tourists.

Nikolai Svirid, Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
We, as well as everyone in Belarus, expect an additional influx of tourists. It’s obvious that the volume of customs service work will increase. But this does not frighten us, we are ready, we will fulfill our duties, we will control what we are expected to. And we welcome this decision.

The visa-free entry is valid only for those tourists who arrive through National Airport Minsk.

Five-day visa-free entry to Belarus comes into force on February 12, 2017