Educational reforms in Belarus in 2017

Educational reforms in Belarus in 2017

Belarusian university entrants will be able to pass four tests at the Centralized Testing instead of three. There are additional possibilities for entrants.

Validity of the certificates is changed, as well as the number of reserve days for the sitting of exams.

The Education Code is supplemented with some new articles. Now, you can use Centralized Testing certificates during two years instead of one, and the number of reserve days is increased from one to three.

Moreover, there has been approved a procedure for facilitated enrollment in agricultural professions.

Sergei Kasperovich, head of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
Students will pass two entrance proficiency tests. 

There will be some benefits for pedagogical professions. For enrollment of the full-time form of education, a person will need to be interviewed.