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Voting for the best Belarusian athletes starts January, 10

Voting for the best athletes of 2015-2016 has started in Belarus.

You can support your favourite candidate at until January, 31. As in 2016, you can use both print and electronic ballots.

After counting the votes the jury will choose the winners in four categories: “The best result of the year”, “Breakthrough of the year”, “The most striking moment” and “For the will to win.”

The names of the winners will be announced at the ceremony at the end of February 2017.

Anatoly Kotov, General Secretary of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
This is an opportunity to say the words of gratitude and appreciation to our athletes. I would like to thank them for a feeling of pride in our country when they raise on a pedestal or just do some noble deeds.

Voting for the best Belarusian sportsmen started January, 10