Welcome to Belarus: visa-free entry requirements


Welcome to Belarus: visa-free entry requirements

Belarus is introducing a visa-free regime for citizens of 80 countries. These are all EU countries, Brazil, Indonesia, the USA, Japan and others.

Foreigners will be able to visit Belarus without a visa through National Airport Minsk and stay here up to 5 days.

The new regime of entry is provided by the decree signed by the head of the state. This document is developed for short trips for tourists or businessmen.

By the way, according to the statistics, 5 days is the most popular period among foreign guests for staying in Belarus.

More and more foreign tourists visit Belarus every year. For example, in 2015 compared to 2014, the number of guests increased by more than a half. The visa-free regime can make Belarus even more attractive for foreign citizens.

Zoran Velkotski, a tourist from FYR Macedonia:
I think the abolition of visas is very positive news. Now our countries will be able to know each other even better. Belarus has many things that can attract tourists, especially young people.

The business community also will have opportunities to establish contacts with foreign partners.

Vladimir Nesterovich, a spokesman for the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
First of all we demonstrate that we are integrated into the global tourist, economic, business systems and sports life. We show that we are equal members of the international community.

Besides CIS countries, Belarus is most often visited by the representatives of Germany, China, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, France and Estonia. Probably, the new rules will significantly expand the geography.

Alexander Zhuravovich, a travel company employee:
This decree will increase the flow of tourists. It will give a good opportunity to visit our country for agricultural tourists, ecotourists and medical tourists. According to the National Geographic, Belarus took first place in the sphere of agricultural tourism and ecotourism in 2016.

Visa-free regime will not apply to official travels. But it will be enough for individuals to show a valid national passport (or equivalent document), cash (currency is not important, but the amount should be not less than BYR46, or about $23 for each day) and a medical insurance policy (for an amount not less than 10,000 euros). There are also some extra requirements for visitors from certain countries.

The visa-free regime is a confirmation of the fact that Belarus is open to the world.