Aftermath of frost in Belarus: -30°C and 40 injured

Aftermath of frost in Belarus: -30°C and 40 injured

Last weekend was extremely frosty in Minsk Region. Vileika became the most freezing point on the map. The temperature reached 30 degrees below zero here on January, 8. Utility accidents happened in the Pukhovichi, Molodechno and Logoisk districts. Fortunately, the services quickly solved the problems.

Since the beginning of frost, more than 40 citizens with frostbites have visited doctors.

Three people have become victims of the cold weather.

Rescuers, medics and traffic inspectors are still working in emergency mode. Concerted actions of all the services helped save Russian tourists. Their bus broke down near Logoisk.

56 people, including seven children were returning from Minsk to Pskov after a tour trip.

The temperature outside was -26ºС at that moment. Travelers were quickly taken to a local hotel where they waited for another bus. Now they are home.