Winter fun in visa-free Grodno, Belarus


Winter fun in visa-free Grodno, Belarus

The traditional holiday "Spiritual family is well-being" was cancelled because due frosts in Minsk on January 8. The organizers postponed the meeting near the House of Mercy until the following weekend. But Grodno did not refuse from traditional Christmas fun.

The ruler of cold, Zuzya, welcomes guests with the faithful dog Blizzard. You literally forget about cold once you get into the frosty kingdom: people can ride in gutters, pull the rope and take part in other various fun competitions.

Today, hundreds of tourists travel to the Grodno region of Belarus.

Tatyana Antonova, tourist (Russia):
We really loved it in Belarus, we loved Grodno, especially Karobčycy. It shocked us with beauty!

Tatiana Rodionova, tourist (Russia):
Even your Belarusian cold has not frozen us.

For those who do not like these festivities, there are other kinds of activities on the menu.

Skating rinks are full of people!

Galina Buro, CTV:
You cannot get used to such frost. The only cure is to actively move!

The main skating rink of Grodno officially started to work. It took a couple of days to prepare it. The young Ivanov family have long waited for an opportunity to put skates on.

Alla and Igor Ivanov, residents of Grodno:
We need to use the first weekend of winter to the fullest. We love active weekends.

Snow cannons are now in full operation near Grodno. They spray water, which is immediately crystallized in the cold. The snow cover of not less than 30 centimeters is needed.

Victor Shumel, head of outdoor activities park:
We've had a good frost for more than two days so in a couple of days we'll be able to finally open our doors for visitors.

Forecasters said back in the summer that this winter would be one of the coldest in Europe over the past 100 years.