Experts on new oil field found in Belarus

Experts on new oil field found in Belarus

Horizons of Belarusian oil production are expanding. A new oil field in the Gomel region, already named Ugolskoye, has provided an opportunity to re-assess the prospects for oil industry in Belarus. Almost 2 million tons of black gold were found at a depth of over 5,000 meters.

Alexander Dobriyan, CTV:
Here it is - oil from a depth of 5,000 meters. It is light enough: we can well see bubbles of associated gas. But after some time it will be almost ready for use, oil workers say smiling. Because it is light oil and its processing gives a lot of light oil products.

Because of its depth this oil is classified as hard-to-reach. But in fact, oil industry workers say they are lucky. Due to abnormally high pressure of the layer this oil does not need to be pumped - it rises to the surface thanks to the so-called self-flowing effect.

Sergey Stelmashok, head of oil and gas management department, Rechitsaneft company, Belorusneft:
Oil reserves at this deposit are 1.7 million tonnes. Now we extract about 40 tons of anhydrous oil daily. The oil is of sufficient quality.

The average depth of Belarusian oil is 3,800 meters. The Ugolskoye field is one kilometer deeper and this is that very new horizon that makes us reassess the prospects of oil production in Belarus.

Boris Dubinin, Deputy Director for Exploration of the Belarusian Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Oil:
The complexities are greater depths and remember that we are still working on smaller facilities. These results are encouraging and give us hope that we could open other similar facilities in the near future.

Calculations have confirmed the economic feasibility of oil production from such depths.

Alexander Dobriyan, CTV:
The new well has already been put into operation: it produces about 40 tons of oil per day. Thanks to these new discoveries the production of black gold in Belarus will increase for the first time in five years in 2017 and will reach 1.65 million tons.