Swiss hockey players visit WWII museum in Minsk

Swiss hockey players visit WWII museum in Minsk

Participants of the Christmas tournament continue to get acquainted with the Belarusian capital. Team Switzerland visited the Great Patriotic War Museum on January 6.

Participants of ice battles showed interest in the dioramas of military battles. For Swiss players, this page of history of Belarus proved to be particularly interesting. After all, during WWII, Switzerland remained neutral.

The players went around all the rooms of the largest repository of military rarities, impressed by the original machinery of the war years, artifacts and real stories of Belarusian heroes.

Andreas Egger, Switzerland's defenseman:
We saw many interesting things, which we previously had no idea about. We can see how expensive the restoration of Minsk cost the Belarusians. It is amazing. And we enjoy the modern city, we are impressed by the Palace of Independence, Minsk Arena, where we last visited the match. The tournament program is very well organized, we welcome the opportunity to learn about the city more.

Christoph Tobler, Swiss team striker:
I first visited such a museum and I was very impressed! It shows well how the population of Belarus suffered during the war. It was very interesting to learn about the blitzkrieg and other historical facts. It's great that you treat history so carefully. I really like your country and cordial people. I'd like to come back again!