Belarus into 2017 Christmas ice hockey tournament final


Belarus into 2017 Christmas ice hockey tournament final

The Belarus national ice hockey team have entered the final of the Christmas ice hockey amateur tournament for the prizes of the President of Belarus. Belarus defeated Switzerland 6:0.

Belarusians had playing advantage from the start of the tournament and did not leave a chance to the opponents. The first goal was scored already in the fourth minute.

Belarus has won the tournament nine times and three more times became silver medalists. The Swiss' best result was back in 2008 - fourth place.

In 2016, Belarusians won the Christmas tournament beating Finland 2:1. The Slovaks were then third.

Now Finland will again compete with Belarus for the main title after winning against Slovakia. The Slovaks will compete for bronze against the United Arab Emirates. Both games take place tomorrow on January 7.

The United Arab Emirates won a second victory on January 6. This time they won against the Balkan team - 9:5. Russia blanked Germany 6:0.

Marco Sarac, striker of Balkans ice hockey team:
The tournament is magnificent. I have always said that this is my second home. When your President - the only one of the presidents who supported us, Serbs - came to us to support us, this was the only day we were not bombed. I remember it perfectly. My wife was then pregnant with our first child. Many thanks to him for that. I have always said that I feel in Minsk like in Belgrade. No difference. I feel at home.

Ayez al-Mehayrbi, forward of the hockey team of the United Arab Emirates:
Yes, it is very cold here, but we sometimes also have frosts. Especially when you go into the desert, you need to take warm clothes. We knew it would be cold. We took jackets and warm clothes, so we feel comfortable. We have time in the evening, so we will go out for a walk in the city. Yesterday, we went to dinner in a restaurant.

Brunov Stek, Switzerland defenseman:
Today we look forward to the support of the audience. We have prepared for them a surprise from team Switzerland. Let's see how this will help our game. As for rivals, the Belarusians are a very fast team, they score a lot but we are well prepared for that.

When the player spoke about a surprise he meant Swiss flags. The team distributed them on the eve of the game to some fans. Many hold them in their hands supporting the visitors.