Domracheva 'back in business' in Oberhof sprint


Domracheva 'back in business' in Oberhof sprint

"I'm back in business," said the Belarusian biathlete Daria Domracheva before returning to sport after childbirth. January 6 will be her momentous day. Darya is returning after a year-and-a-half hiatus, which was due to illness and childbirth.

In an interview with the International Biathlon Union, the Belarusian said he is incredibly happy and, judging by the mood, ready for new victories.

Darya Domracheva (in a television interview to the website of the International Biathlon Union):
I became a mother, a lot has happened to me over the past year. It is a stunning feeling to be a mother. It's incredible when you come back from a workout and see the smile of your daughter. All the tiredness goes away immediately. This is the best relaxation.

Darya has brought Ksenia with her to Germany.

While the parents will be fighting for medals, a grandma will be looking after the baby.

Domracheva fans counted that only 98 days had passed since Domracheva's childbirth. Daria emphasizes that she understands that this will be a tough test.

Darya Domracheva
Of course, this is a test. It is much easier to travel one and only think about yourself. But now I am responsible for a little person and must plan everything wisely, think twice about every step. It is good that I am helped. My child is in good hands when I am out training. My mother came to Oberhof and at the next World Cup we will invite a nurse.

Bookmakers believe Domracheva may finish in the top five in the sprint in Oberhof.