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Belarus to extract 1.65m tons of oil in 2017

Horizons of Belarusian oil production are expanding. A new oil field in the Gomel region, already dubbed Ugolskoye, has provided an opportunity to re-assess the prospects for oil industry in Belarus.

Almost 2 million tons of black gold was found at a depth of over 5,000 meters. Previously, the main volumes were extracted from a depth of 4,000m.

Thanks to the new deposit the volume of crude oil extraction will increase in Belarus for the first time in the last five years. Plans for 2017 are 1.65 million tons.

Boris Dubinin, Deputy Director for Exploration of the Belarusian Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Oil:
Drilling of wells deeper than 5,000 meters has confirmed our forecasts. A new deposit with projected reserves of 1.7 million tons has been opened. It is interesting because it is located next to the existing facilities, so its commissioning will be fast and efficient. Oil, despite the depth, is light. In my opinion, it can be used for car refueling. These results are encouraging and give us hope that we could open other similar facilities in the near future.

Belarus to extract 1.65m tons of oil in 2017