Pobeda cinema in Minsk closes for renovation. What will new building be like?


Pobeda cinema in Minsk closes for renovation. What will new building be like?

The legendary building of the cinema Pobeda has closed for renovation. This cinema was built in the middle of the 20th century. In addition, because the building is an architectural monument, the style will be preserved. Nevertheless, a technical part will match  the requirements of the XXI century.

The cinema Pobeda is the oldest in Minsk. From 1 January 2017, renovations began here.

The cinema Pobeda is a bright example of Stalinist architecture both inside and outside. This cinema was built immediately after WWII. Prior to that time the Stalin club (house of art) Pischevik was located in this building. Unfortunately, during WWII, it was burned down. And finally, November 6, 1950, the citizens of Minsk watched the first movie on the big screen.

Alexander Nitievsky, the chief architect of the project:
We tried to take into account in the project all modern trends which exist nowadays.

In the renewed cinema, there will appear a second video hall, where arthouse movies will be screened. The number of seats in the main hall will be reduced thereby increasing comfort. New acoustic systems and screens will be installed, but the fretwork and the style of facades will remain unchanged.

The spacious hall will preserve individuality, but the porch will be equipped with ramps to add accessibility to the building.

In addition, during the research, architects found that the facade ton was once warm gray. The architectural monument of the XX century, which is included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Values, will return the original appearance.