Tolstoy Street in Minsk: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Tolstoy Street in Minsk: yesterday, today, tomorrow

One and a half centuries ago, on the site of the modern Tolstoy Street was a suburb of Minsk. There were several buildings, surrounded by a picturesque forest. That changed in the early 70s of the XIX century, when the Libau-Romny railroad was built here.

New streets appeared on the map of the city faster than suitable names were found for them.

Vadim Zelenkov, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, a local historian:
Names for the streets were chosen randomly. In this part of the city, people chose just male names. For example Fabricius Street, former Grigoryevskaya Street, Fabricius Alley, former Dementevskaya Street.

Very few people know that the official name of the area near the bus station is Druzhnaya – Yuzhnaya. But everybody call it Druzhnaya Square.

In the 1970s, on the site of this square, some wooden houses were listed at Pionersky Alley. It can be found even on the German map of 1941.

Vadim Zelenkov, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, a local historian:
Savva Red'ko served as a teacher in the public school in Batsevichy village. Then he moved to Minsk and was appointed as a teacher in a two-year parochial school. He began working there in 1901, and three years later built a house on 14a Malo-Georgievskaya street. The house was large, so later he began renting apartments. One of these apartments was rented by a famous writer Źmitrok Biadula, who lived there with his sisters. The apartment had a few rooms. In 1916, he offered one of these rooms to Maksim Bogdanovich, who spent several months in Minsk.
Bogdanovich lived here not so long, but managed to write several well-known poems.

Vadim Zelenkov, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, a local historian:
We can say that Tolstoy Street was radically changed over the last 30 years. One of the famous people who lived on Tolstoy street was Alexander Stanyuta, the son of the great actress. In his books about Minsk, Stanyuta recollects Antonovka apples, blooming golden balls, trees and the people who lived here.

In the summer of 2010, when there were no hotels or business centers in Tolstoy Street, Vtoroi Sportivnyi Side Street was built there.
The name of the side street has its own story. For centuries, about half a kilometer away was a big Franciscan swamp. Writer Mironov, who lived on Moscovskaya Street in the 20s of the last century, recollected how he went to see ducks and fishing, when he was a boy.

If you want to see how the Tolstoy street changed, look at house No32. Note the numbering, because it’s only the beginning of the street, so then, there were 16 additional small houses.

The street is living and changing.

In former times, Tolstoy Street was much longer. It crossed Mogilevskaya Street and about 2 km from here became Artilleristov Street. Today, only old Minsk citizens remember that.