Gomel clinics start issuing e-prescriptions

Gomel clinics start issuing e-prescriptions

Five clinics in Gomel will now issue electronic prescriptions to all patients.

A switch to the new system required not only the technical work, but also training. Upon giving a prescription the doctor will enter the data into a computer database.

The information will be reflected in a special plastic card, which is unique for every patient and is accepted in all pharmacies of Belarus. The system is convenient thanks to its cumulative nature - the history of drugs taken is formed and various specialists of medical organizations will be able to easily read it.

It is not difficult to replacing a lost card either. For now, electronic prescriptions will be issued together with those in paper form. In the next phase of the project, it is planned to introduce electronic out-patient medical records.

Alexander Romanchuk, head physician of the Grodno central city clinic:
This will mean getting information more easily, since today's records in paper form don't always have all the information and moreover, they are thick and inconvenient in the 21st century. The information will be stored on the web server.

Natalia Klepatskaya, resident of Grodno:
I often see a doctor for a prescription. This form will save all of us much time.

Anna Anisko, resident of Grodno:
Although I am an old person, I still want to keep up with the times.