Our Children New Year charity campaign in Belarus in full swing

Our Children New Year charity campaign in Belarus in full swing

Attention to children and safety during public festivals were the main topics of the meeting of the Belarus President on the eve of New Year celebrations. Alexander Lukashenko asked in detail how preparation for upcoming events is going across Belarus.

The campaign Our Children, which has already become a tradition for Belarusians, has also been discussed.

These days, the Belarus President is preparing the New Year's address to the Belarusian people. What will it be and what main words of the head of state Belarusians will hear on TV?

Ahead of the New Year, a number of Belarusian state officials have visited children's homes and hospitals to congratulate kids on the New Year and give presents. National security assistant to the President of the Republic of Belarus, Viktor Lukashenko, has visited the Konovalenko family. This is a large family who bring up eight kids in what is called a family-type children's home.

Guests were greeted with good mood and brand pies. Both children and adults took part in the impromptu New Year's performance. Viktor Lukashenko, with his wife and children, brought house toys, souvenirs and sweets to this family.

Viktor Lukashenko, national security assistant to the President of the Republic of Belarus:
We are always happy to visit these families. For our family, it has become a good tradition. All our kids love this event, they are happy to come. Our smallest kid may still hesitate, but this is still a big event for our family.

The charity marathon Our Children has been supported by Belarusians throughout the country. The campaign has existed for almost 20 years. It successfully helps those who, for whatever life circumstances, have some problems with health or money. Representatives of ministries and agencies, businesses and industries give gifts and congratulate children who are in difficult life situations.

In 2016, the campaign involves more than 12,000 boys and girls.

The main thing is that each child receives attention and support.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
How are prepared for the New Year? How is the campaign Our Children going? This is a crucial question. I did not specifically state it this year knowing that we have traditionally worked in this direction, have some experience.

Natalia Kochanova, Head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
All senior officials, heads of national and regional authorities have visited kindergartens and boarding schools.

First of all, we tried to involve every child in need so that everyone is taken care of ahead of the New Year.

Traditionally, the head of state also partakes in the campaign Our Children. The Christmas tree performance in the Palace of the Republic is one of the most striking chords of the marathon. This charity ball has become one of the most exciting experiences for many boys and girls. The President recalled that special care and attention must surround the elderly, too, because not every one of them has relatives who could give them a bit of attention during these holidays.

On 29 December, on the eve of the holidays and mass events, the head of state again paid attention to security issues at all levels.