President Lukashenko appoints new deputy prime minister

President Lukashenko appoints new deputy prime minister

Alexander Lukashenko on December 29 made a number of personnel decisions. Vasily Zharko was appointed Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus.

Introducing the candidate, the head of the Presidential Administration Natalia Kochanova noted that

Mr Zarko has proved a competent and proactive leader in all areas of professional activity.

He has been heading the health system of Belarus for more than 10 years. During this time, the industry carried out reforms that brought Belarusian medicine to the world level.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Indeed, there are serious successes in your industry. But there are a huge number of drawbacks that you have to deal with as vice-premier too. I chose you because you are already a minister with extensive experience. Perhaps you've served as minister the longest. This indicates that you had big tasks to be solved. In general, you've never failed the President's tasks, especially with respect to medicines and so on, it will go down in history.

The new deputy prime minister will oversee the social sphere. The President has set specific tasks.

Vasily Zharko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The President has set a task to continue the improvement of the educational process, curriculum, revise approaches taking into account earlier admission requirements. The President demanded some progress in the development of sport in Belarus. He noted that the salary must achieve $500 in 2017 so I will have to work a lot with my colleagues in order to fulfill this order of the President.

Anatoly Lappo was appointed Chairman of the State Border Committee.

Prior to this appointment, he worked as deputy head of the structure.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You know this service, you know how to clean it and how to optimize. Everything you save will remain with you, no one will take it border troops will undergo optimization. But most importantly is the proper performance of border guards' duty. Nothing is forgiven there. Only you are allowed to walk along the last meters of our land, no one else is there. And you have to be worthy going along those last meters of our native Belarus protecting and preserving it.

You need to protect our homeland - that is your main concern;

and you should accordingly select border guards for this.