Viktor Lukashenko visits large family as part of Our Children charity campaign

Viktor Lukashenko visits large family as part of Our Children charity campaign

Christmas charity marathon continues its march across Belarus. The campaign "Our Children" has already involved thousands of Belarusian children who need special attention these days.

The large family Konovalenko of Shklov district received New Year congratulations on December 29.

Assistant to the President for National Security Viktor Lukashenko came on a visit to the children along with his family.

Nine children live in this children's home of family type.

Alexander and wife Svetlana took five of them from common children's homes at different times for education purposes. Now this is a large and friendly family.

Viktor Lukashenko brought children toys, souvenirs and sweets. The Konovalenko family, in turn, prepared a small New Year's show, with a fabulous cock as the main character and, most importantly, a festive mood.

Alina Zhumaeva, adopted daughter:
Our family is very friendly. Everyone helps each other in difficult times. We are very united.

Svetlana Konovalenko, mom:
Our family will remember this year thanks to the birth of our baby. She was born in the summer, during the summer holidays. All of our nurses were at home, so it was in time.

Viktor Lukashenko, national security assistant to the President of the Republic of Belarus:
We are always happy to visit these families. For our family, it has become a good tradition. All our kids love this event, everyone is always happy to come. The smallest may still hesitate, but, nevertheless, this is a big event for our family.