Christmas market in Berlin and art exhibition in Ankara: Who will save the world from terrorism?


Christmas market in Berlin and art exhibition in Ankara: Who will save the world from terrorism?

Security in Europe and the world is the most important topic. This was again proven during the few days when the terrorist attack in Berlin happened and the Russian ambassador was cynically killed in Istanbul. Alexei Volkov continues the topic.

Only together can countries ensure security in the European region. What Alexander Lukashenko told OSCE representatives became even more relevant because of the Tuesday events. There happened two treacherous terrorist attacks. They happened in places where people would not expect them to happen: the Christmas market in Berlin and the art exhibition in Ankara. They are separated by thousands of kilometers, but they have the same problems. Twelve civilians and a diplomat became the victims of bloody Tuesday - this is the bright signal that without joint efforts the problem of terrorism and security in general cannot be solved.

Piotr Petrovsky, political scientist:
Belarusian experience, including migration legislation, ensures that the basic requirements for peace and security, could be used by Brussels.

Life in Berlin and other German cities froze. Just a few days ago thousands of people came to Christmas fairs, where there was an atmosphere of celebration and faith in something better. However, the truck with Polish numbers put an end to these dreams. The migrant who drove the vehicle killed 12 people. About fifty people are in hospital, some are in critical condition. Later, it was found out that the terrorist attack was committed by young Anis Amri hands. A native of Tunisia, he together with hundreds of thousands of migrants arrived in the EU for a better life and he got it.

Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor of Germany:
Terrorism is testing our strength. We hope to be able to respond effectively to this threat and provide security. Although we have been really troubled in recent years. We all know that. And we certainly need to find a way to protect people from such accidents in the future.

A few days later, the police announced that it had been tracking the migrant for the next few months, but he did reach his goal and fled to Italy. Only three days later, he was found and eliminated in Milan.

Paolo Gentiloni, Prime Minister of the Italian Republic:
Our law enforcement agencies have done very well. These are women and men Italy can be proud of. For several days have they tried to find the culprit and they did.

In addition, the investigation revealed that the young man may have been one of Islamist agents. According to special services, dozens of ISIL supporters are hiding on the territory of the EU under the guise of refugees and they act individually and spontaneously. It becomes almost impossible to hunt them. And it turns out that the enemy is now inside. Germans have again begun talking about dislike of visitors.

And this is Ankara - 20 December. Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov arrived at the opening of an art exhibition. He came, as usual, without guards, and back shot in the back and died later in hospital.

The killer decided to take revenge on Russia for the Syrian campaign but was killed directly in the gallery. However, the diplomatic relations between Ankara and Moscow only strengthened after this murder, contrary to terrorists' expectations.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of the Republic of Turkey:
This attack on the Russian ambassador is akin to an attack on Turkey and its people. We will respond firmly and immediately.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation:
There can be only one answer to this: the strengthening of the fight against terror. And criminals will feel it. We need to know who sent the killer.

Last time an international scandal of this magnitude associated with the Russian diplomatic mission broke out in the 19th century, when fanatics in Tehran killed the author of the comedy "Woe from Wit" and the then ambassador Alexander Griboyedov. To improve relations, a very precious diamond was sent to St. Petersburg. But in the 21st century, everything is much more complicated. The murder of the ambassador, the terrorist attack in Berlin. Don't forget about earlier attacks in Paris, Nice, Brussels and twice in Istanbul, which left more than 400 people dead. The number of injured and maimed is even larger - thousands of people. The highest threat level has been in force in France for the second year.

Sergei Kizima, political analyst:
Regarding the fight against terrorism together, not everyone can agree. We identify thousands of persons with false documents every year. Belarus carries out an effective fight against drugs, preventing drug transit, preventing the sale of drugs; we deprive terrorism of money for new terrorist attacks. It is a fundamentally important role of Belarus.

It turns out that it is Belarus that is one of the guarantors of the secure environment in the region. Building work on the border and inside the country Belarus has achieved calmness amid the surrounding geopolitical storm. Earlier, Minsk became the platform thanks to which the Ukraine crisis was mitigated and the parties were brought to the negotiating table. And now, the issue of security of the entire region may be discussed in Belarus. In 2017 Belarus hosts the summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. It is expected that Minsk will voice suggestions to improve security in Europe.