Belarusian officials mourning for Tu-154 crash victims


Belarusian officials mourning for Tu-154 crash victims

People continue to light candles and bring flowers to the Russian embassy in Minsk for the second day. The diplomatic mission has opened a book of condolences in connection with the Russian Tu-154 crash.

Representatives of Belarus' government have also left words of sorrow and support in the book.

Emotions overwhelm everyone: Belarusians mourn together with the brotherly people.

Leonid Zayats, Agriculture and Food Minister of Belarus:
My family and I personally am very sorry this happened.

The tragedy caused such bitterness and pain in the hearts of the Belarusian people...

We express our condolences to relatives of this plane crash. In the days of mourning, the friendship and brotherly people acquire a special meaning. The tragedy near Sochi is one more proof of that.