President Lukashenko: Belarus can't stay aloof from tragic events in Russia


President Lukashenko: Belarus can't stay aloof from tragic events in Russia

Belarus mourns for victims of a plane crash near Sochi. The life of 92 persons broke in the crash of Tu-154 aircraft over the Black Sea. On board were the Song and Dance Ensemble named after Alexandrov, journalists, military and famous doctor Elizaveta Glinka. They all flew to Syria to congratulate the Russian military on the New Year.

Opening a December 26 meeting, Alexander Lukashenko began with words about the tragedy.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Yesterday, a great tragedy happened in our Russia. Unfortunately, this series of tragedies has become some evil fate for our fraternal peoples. You know that a huge number of people died in Irkutsk in connection with the poisoning, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey killed and now another tragedy - 92 people died in the plane crash. The accident killed not only the crew, but also well-known artists, journalists, representatives of media, military men, civil servants and the doctor. Naturally, on this day, we cannot stay aloof from these tragic events. I

n solidarity, I yesterday made decisions on some activities. National flags are flying at half-mast on government buildings in our country, we have canceled all entertainment events today and took other measures. Our people actively responded to this tragedy and visited the Russian embassy. I think that the flow of people will not reduce so I ask that the police look after order near the Russian Embassy. Today, as I understand it, there is a book of condolences opened at the embassy. I am sure that our civil servants and other people will respond and visit the Russian embassy.

And today I would ask you to show solidarity with the Russians and honor the memory of people who died as a result of these tragedies with a minute of silence.