President Lukashenko congratulates children at New Year party in Minsk

President Lukashenko congratulates children at New Year party in Minsk

Another highlight of the week.

"The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree," sang school students from all over the country together with characters from fairy tales. These are the guys who had been invited to the presidential Christmas Tree party - almost 2,500 boys and girls. This is one of the noisiest and funniest events at the Palace of the Republic so far. Habitual silence (mostly official events are held in the Palace of the Republic) was filled with laughter and noise. Smiles and a good mood were everywhere.

Not only bright students met the New Year near the main forest beauty of the country. Invited to the event were those who became the first at sporting events, competitions and festivals. And also those who, because of life circumstances, cannot celebrate a holiday in a family environment - children's homes and boarding schools. Children with pleasure participated in competitions, solved riddles and danced in circles around the New Year tree.

The country's main Christmas tree party is also called presidential. Traditionally, the head of state takes part in this event. Young Belarusians waited for his appearance no less enthusiastically than the coming of the main winter wizard - Father Frost.

Alexander Lukashenko speaks with his small guests as adults. And it does not matter that they are not yet interested in politics and economy. The main thing is to understand that there are always adults in Belarus who are willing to help in any difficult situations.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You can master any sport. You can be good musicians, engaged in the fine arts, master any kind of culture in our country. We, adults, always help you with these good efforts. But if that did not work out for you from the first attempt, then know that you will succeed tomorrow or the day after. But in any case: do not stop. Set a goal and achieve this goal.

The head of state spoke about the main things: the family, traditions, love for the country. Congratulation words spoken from the heart are clear even for the youngest viewers.

Alexander Lukashenko:
As President of this country I would like you guys to live happily, surrounded by relatives and friends, to be optimistic about the future, believe in the best. And the main thing is that you always love your homeland. Let your dreams come true this year, let your parents and teachers take pride in your achievements. Be happy! Happy New Year!

Every year, the organizers of this great event prepare for their little friends a kind of pageant filled with surprises.

The kids were given beautiful gifts. However, they also made a gift to the head of state: the children gave the President a beautiful Christmas tree and a magic chest of 12 months. All this was done by children themselves, this is hand work.

It so happened that the main Christmas tree party is only a fragment of the Belarusian charitable campaign Our Children. For more than two decades, during New Year holidays, representatives of ministries and agencies, businesses and industry go to each child who found themselves in a difficult situation. This year's festivities knocked on the door of 12,000 boys and girls.