President Lukashenko congratulates kids on coming New Year and Christmas

President Lukashenko congratulates kids on coming New Year and Christmas

On December 23, more than 2,000 children from across the country gathered in Minsk's Palace of the Republic. The event is the culmination of the charity campaign Our Children.

Invited to the big festive event are orphans, children from large families, students of boarding schools, as well as the winners of Olympiads, creative contests and sports competitions.

By tradition, the Belarus President took part in the event, too.

Prior to the fairy performance, Alexander Lukashenko wished the young guests of the charity ball friendship, peace and mutual help in winning new victories.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We've waited for these winter holidays. This is a special time when you want to do something good, give others joy and good mood.

I really want you to meet this wonderful holiday happy, so that each child receives love and care of all of us - adults.

As President of this country I would like you guys to live happily, surrounded by relatives and friends, to be optimistic about the future, believe in the best. And if someone can't do something, please know that our country has a lot of good, helpful people who will not leave anyone in trouble.

And the main thing: always love your home country, care for its welfare, value peace and harmony

that prevail here in Belarus; for this we need to do well in school, work, help our seniors - parents, teachers, educators. Let your dreams come true this year, let your parents and teachers take pride in your achievements. Be happy! Happy New Year!