Minsk's second ring road opens


Minsk's second ring road opens

The second Minsk ring has been opened to traffic. The solemn ceremony was attended by the Belarus head of state, Alexander Lukashenko.

The length of the second ring road is about 160 kilometers. This comfortable four-lane road meets all modern requirements. It is equipped with bridges and overpasses, barrier fences to avoid head-on collisions, the barriers against animals and noise screens near residential areas.

After the opening ceremony, the head of state thanked the builders and also talked about plans for the development of the road network in Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We will build such roads with concrete pavement. Their cost is about the same as of asphalt road but maintenance is 2-3 times cheaper. Great road. We need the same road from Minsk to Brest to intercept flows from Shanghai, China, through Kazakhstan, Russia and Bryansk. This is big money. If we took the same amount of toll as in Europe, we would be better off economically now. But this should be done gradually, little by little. We will introduce fees for foreign transit and will not charge Belarusians that much. They pay taxes, after all. And those fees, as we agreed, will in 2017 be used for the construction of local roads. It should be paid more attention to, since in recent years we've focused more on nationwide roads. Each agro-town, and there are about 2,000 of them, must be connected to a district center. During the next five years, we will restore local roads.

Alexander Lukashenko praised the technical characteristics of Ring Road 2 as well as road improvement. The President also tested a section of the road travelling on a bus.

It is assumed that the intensity of traffic on the second ring road will be 4,500 vehicles per day. Allowed speed limit is mostly 120 kilometers per hour. Road coating is particularly durable, because cement concrete was widely used in its construction.