Russia may lift Belarusian food supply restrictions this week

Russia may lift Belarusian food supply restrictions this week

Restrictions on the supply of Belarusian meat and dairy products to Russia for some businesses will be lifted this week, said vice premier Mikhail Rusyi on December 21 at the Oval Hall of the Parliament.

In order to resolve the issue a group of Belarusian specialists is now working in the Russian Federation. Belarus has already handed over materials about counterfeiting of Belarusian products to Russian investigative authorities.

Mikhail Rusyi, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The work is being conducted. I think that just this week the ban in relation to many companies will be removed. There are some documented cases but the majority of facts are far-fetched. We see on TV a number of facts of falsifications. Companies don't have anything to do with it. We should increase the role of the Eurasian Economic Commission, it should be the arbitrator here.

However, as stressed by Deputy Prime Minister, the existing differences have not become the barrier to increasing sales. Thus, dairy exports increased by 4% and meat products by 8%.

At the same time Mr Rusyi promised to continue to defend the interests of Belarusian producers, including processors of agricultural products.