From bread to dairy: Belarusian export geography

From bread to dairy: Belarusian export geography

Belarusian food is highly appreciated in the whole world and is exported to at least 50 countries.

For example, bread is exported to such countries as Russia, the CIS countries, Germany, the USA, Israel, and Australia to the amount of $7 million annually. Though it takes about two weeks for a consignment to reach Israel, the USA or China, it still remains fresh thanks to shock freezing technology.

Exotic Belarusian birch sap won hearts of USA and Australia residents. Birch sap has become more popular than coconut water, which is considered as a well of vitamins. Local media believe sap heals diseases, headaches and even helps get rid of cellulite. You can buy a package of sap for $41.88 on the Internet.

Belarusian kvass may also be mentioned among exotic products.

Belarus takes 7th place in the world in cooled beef exports, and 9th concerning poultry. According to the Belarusian Ministry of Agriculture and Food data, exported meat products’ worth reached $770 million in 2015. The main purchasers are neighboring countries, though Belarusian poultry is transported to Kenya and Somalia, steaks reach Hong Kong and Vietnam, and byproducts are used at Pyrenean kitchens. Punctilious Israelis buy Belarusian sausages.

Belarusian salami meets the demands of Arabic world too.

Meat products from the city of Slonim got Halal certificate five years ago and are shipped to Muslim shops and restaurants.

After Slonim managers have expanded the export geography to the number of 15 cooperating countries. While Iran purchases Halal products, consignments with traditional sausages are sent to Vietnam and Scotland. Iraqis like Belarusian smoked foods. In addition, the Halal departments are preparing new recipes.

Belarusian dairy products are at the top in different European competitions. Nowadays, Belarus is ranked third in butter sales, with purchasers from 25 countries.

Moreover, Belarus takes 4th place in cheese sales. It can be found in China, Singapore, Korea, the USA, Ghana, and the Philippines. Belarusian ice-cream is exported to Colombia, Israel, and Canada.

In general, 5% of world trade in dairy products comes from Belarus.

Meat and dairy products quality, manufacturer professionalism, and sales literacy brought to the country $6 million in 2015. It is worth mentioning that the population of Belarus makes up only 0.1% of the world population.

The reason is in using of traditional technologies and following Soviet standards. Although Belarus develops its manufacturing. All the goods are produced with the help of top-end equipment.

In September, 34 Belarusian enterprises got an opportunity to export dairy products to China. Quality control there is quite tough and Belarusian dairy products do meet the requirements. Expected revenue at Chinese market makes $7 million.