Belarus sends condolences to Germany over truck accident


Belarus sends condolences to Germany over truck accident

The truck accident in Berlin was called a terrorist attack.

12 people were killed and 50 injured. The driver was one of people who requested asylum in Germany.

On the December 19 evening, the offender got into the truck and drove into the crowd at a Christmas market.

The President of Belarus has sent condolences in connection with the tragedy in Berlin.

The investigation has revealed that the terrorist act was committed by a person from the Middle East. He is 23 years old and came to Germany only in February. Now he is being questioned by law enforcement agencies. The embassy of Belarus in Germany is in contact with the Foreign Ministry and the German police to check the possible messages about citizens of Belarus among the victims.

The Belarus President also expressed condolences over the death of the Russian ambassador in Turkey in what is thought to be a terrorist attack, too.