Russian ambassador murdered in Turkey


Russian ambassador murdered in Turkey

The Belarusian side strongly condemns the murder of the Russian ambassador in Ankara, said the Belarus Foreign Ministry in connection with the tragic accident in Turkey.

Terrorist attacks on diplomats doing everything possible to find solutions to international conflicts, peace and friendly relations among nations and peoples cannot be justified, reads the statement.

The tragedy occurred on the eve of the opening of a photo exhibition in Ankara. During the diplomat's speech, an armed man burst into the room and shot the speaker in the back. The ambassador was brought to the hospital.

Despite the absence of signs of life, doctors performed resuscitation, but it did not help. Mr Karlov died shortly thereafter.

The police that arrived at the scene quickly eliminated the offender. As it turned out, this was a man born in 1994. He was a native of the city of Söke. He graduated from the police academy in Izmir and has worked for special police forces in Ankara for the last 2.5 years.

Law enforcement officials are inclined to believe that the slogans shouted by the killer can testify about his links with a terrorist organization.