Belarus, Ural Federal District expanding investment

Belarus, Ural Federal District expanding investment

Belarusian businessmen together with the Ural colleagues are working to develop an investment program to construct a facility to produce building materials. Businesses have been successfully cooperating for several years.

Now they are planning to increase the range of goods that will be a worthy substitute for imports. 

Experts think the project could be beneficial to consumers,

because a wide range of Belarusian products and light industrial products is present in the market of the Ural Federal District and these items are in demand.

Oksana Dutova, head of exhibitions and advertising department of the Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
We develop these Russian-Belarusian missions. We have very good relations with Belarus, we hold regular fairs when there is a versatile trade: clothing, footwear, and foodstuffs. We can buy Belarusian milk, cheese, butter and baby food in our district.